At Basinger Auction Service, and our real estate company American Real Estate Specialists,
we are able to offer a variety of services. From the time we list your auction, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Conducting public auctions pursuant to Court Orders
  • Estate Auctions
  • Moving or Quality Household Auctions
  • Business Liquidations
  • Real Estate SOLD by Auction or Traditional Listings

If you choose to have your auction on site, we come in ahead of schedule to sort through your items, categorize them, and box them into lots which we feel would sell best.  We deliver tables to set up in the garage so all we have to do auction day is move the tables outside.  We also arrange for tent rental (if the weather is inclimate) and a food stand to keep our buyers comfortable.  Portable jon arrangements are also made if the situation warrants one.

AUCTION CENTER – 9983 Market St., North Lima, OH  44452:
If you can’t have an auction on-site, then we currently have a 13,000 sq ft auction facility.  Some sellers don’t have enough items to have their own auction, so we bring those items to the auction facility and consign them in with another sellers lot of items.  The facility is clean, with heat, central air and restrooms. It also offers ample parking on the 3.5 acres of asphalt.

INDUSTRIAL AUCTION SITE – 10766 Market St., North Lima, OH 44452
This facility is just south of the OH Turnpike Exit 232 and typically houses auctions for specialty items, lawn/garden, vehicles, boats, etc. However, on occasion, it will also serve as an over-flow site for quality auctions and estates when our Auction Gallery is full!

For consignment auctions it’s important to remember that if you can’t sell it at a garage sale, it’s not worth trying to sell at auction.  Some things are better off being donated or tossed.


Should you choose to auction your real estate and contents, again, we do it all.  We come in and set up the tables in the garage for the personal property, dust, sweep and tidy up the house so it is in showable condition.  We have the house open for inspection up to 2 weeks prior to the auction so bidders are able to see the house and arrange for financing.  We arrange for termite inspections, land surveys and appraisals. Plus we do all of the advertising!  (See our Bio & Reference page for some of those who have recommended our services and their experiences.) AND THE BEST PART – WE DON’T CHARGE YOU A COMMISSION to sell your house! It’s true! We charge a buyer’s premium to the buyer and that’s how we get paid.  Call us for more details.

We have been auctioning off contents and real estate for 30 years with incredible success!  It’s the only way to go!  From the time you sign the contract to the time you get your money amounts to about 60 days.  Many homes are on the regular market for months to even years!  In today’s market, unless you do something to make your property stand out from the others, yours could sit on the market for a lengthy period of time too.  Consider your holding costs per month (mortgages, taxes, insurance, maintenance, utilities, etc).  Why pay to keep it on the market when you can get it sold!


Fees to conduct an auction will vary depending on what you have to sell.  Essentially, if your auction is at your location, you’ll have at least 3 expenses.

  1. Commission
  2. Advertising
  3. Set Up

Once we see what you have to sell, we can better determine what your fees would be.  If you need items moved to our facility, then in addition to the above, you would have trucking fees and perhaps the cost of packing the items, where warranted.

We’d be happy to schedule a no-obligation consultation with you to see if we’re able to help you.

CONTACT US TODAY to see how Basinger Auction Service can meet ALL of your needs! 

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